Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Anthony De Longis Checks In

Our first instructor post comes from the distinguished Anthony De Longis, martial art expert and Hollywood stuntman extraordinaire.


Well the trailers for ZORRO are coming fast and furious and I'm looking forward to seeing the film. The stunt coordinator Gary Powell called me in to do some fancy whip work for the trailers during post production. For the first shot I performed a rolling "Z" with the whip without any CGI tricks. Who knows how it will look when they get done messing with special effects, but it was the real thing when I performed it. I hope my contribution proves helpful and makes it into the final trailers. Aah, show business.

I just finished performing a featured role in Jet Li's new action film, FEARLESS,in China. That was quite the adventure. Both Jet Li and legendary action choreographer Yuen Woo Ping were delighted I could work at Jet's pace and remember long sequences of choreography, eliminating the need for inserts and cutaways. I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out at the beginning of the year.

Here's a great quote from Mike Leeder,co-editor of IMPACT Magazine:

"It was a great honour and fantastic opportunity working on "Fearless" as one of the casting directors and as an actor amongst other things including working on the accompanying documentary's for the film...Working with Ronny Yu, Jet & Yuen Woo-ping was great and we had a very solid cast from around the world, major respect to Anthony DeLongis who has to be one of if not the best western swordsmen in the world..."

In addition to my work with the whip in film and my on-going efforts to develop a style that is more graceful and fluid for the camera, I've been doing a lot of work with the martial possibilities and combative applications for the whip. In addition to being a great tool, I think the bullwhip is the ultimate flexible weapon: precision, power and versatility in one super-sonic package.

During my whip demo at this year's Cold Steel Challenge, I dressed two of my whip students, Sifu James Houston and Jason Heck, in very thick leather padding and helmets and I showed the audience of martial arts skeptics the whip's true speed and power. We also showed how diverse, illusive and effective the whip can be with applications at all ranges -- long, medium and close up and personal. James Houston is an aiki-jitsu expert and he took some terrific throws from a variety of different wraps and envelopments that I applied to counter his attacks with both kicks and punches. Jason had on the motorcycle helmet and leg armor and took a real beating from all angles and ranges. I also had both fighters arm themselves with knives and had them try to get to me from opposite directions while I wielded whips in both hands. They had no chance. We made believers out of the entire audience. I look forward to showing you what I've been discovering.

I also won first place in tomahawk and third place in knife throwing at the Challenge. My saber demo on Saturday opened a few eyes to the combative applications of the saber and was also a big success. Then I took Mary and James to the Taurus Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios that night. It was good to see Vic Armstrong receive his Life Time Achievement award too. A very full day.

If you know of anyone who wants to improve their whip or bladed weapons skills, please refer them to our Rancho Indalo Training Program. We've been getting lots of students coming to train from across the country and as far away as Germany. We offer a wide range of training for both the aspiring and the professional actor, martial artist and stunt professional. And we feed you really well too. Check out the ranch link at you get a chance.

Saludos, amigos.

Anthony De Longis


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Blogger Erik Mann said...

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