Sunday, April 30, 2006


Spring Training!

Now that good weather has finally arrived, it's a great time to get outdoors. It's the perfect opportunity to grab the whips and head to open spaces to train!

Why train with whips? Lots of reasons:

First of all, they are fun. There is something exciting about learning to control that long sinuous line of energy, emphatically demonstrated by placing a ¡POP! exactly where you want it!

Few weapons, if any, can match a whip for a sense of aliveness in motion. It is a dance with something that moves in perfect rhythm to your own. A whip shows you EXACTLY what you project and where your energy is focused. Mastering the sense of risk can be exhilarating!

Whips extend your range and sense of movement in space. With a 4' combative length whip, your effective reach goes out about 8" when including your arm's reach and the fall (the unbraided end) and popper of the whip

Whips are a great workout! Using them involves lots of throwing action, as well as other twists of the arm and wrist to develop more subtle control. As you become more proficient, footwork, body angling and use of the check hand become increasingly important, integrating skills already learned through use of escrima sticks, blades and empty hands.

Flexible weapons are an often overlooked part of training. While not everything can perform like a finely tuned whip, a whip can teach lines of motion that apply to other objects.

For more information, contact one of the instructors listed on this page or go to the official Latigo y Daga website.

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Remember that whips move FAST; cracking them breaks the sound barrier.

Always wear eye protection while practicing with whips.

As Tom Meadows says, "You can't rebuild an eyeball out of pulp!"

Other safety gear like jacket and a hat or helmet are suggested, particularly while learning to use a whip. Train safely; have fun!