Tuesday, May 24, 2011


New Whip Enthusiasts Group on Facebook

For those interested in joining a new and growing group of whip enthusiasts, check out the Whip Enthusiasts on Facebook!

There are several whipmakers on there, including Steve Koliski of 21st Century Whips, who makes the top-of-the-line synthetic spectra Apex whips, now used by Anthony and Mary DeLongis; Jeremiah S. Espinoza of Blind Man Whips , who also specializes in synthetic whips, and celebrity whip maker Paul Nolan of MidWestWhips, who make both leather and synthetic whips, including their synthetic hybrid snignal (signal/snake) whip.

Synthetic whips have come a long way since the original heavy 8-plait Colorado whips of 20 years ago. Most are now made with much thinner, finer nylon cord which are close in action (at least in my opinion) to most leather whips, with the advantage of being less susceptible to weather, plus being less expensive. Steve Koliski's Apex whips go a step further, using Dacron and Spectra (depending on the model), which flow like the finest leather whips and cost about the same.

While the finest whips I currently own are two nakes and a bullwhip from Steve Blanton (now retired) and a Latigo y Daga bullwhip from Peter Jack, the ones I seem to use the most are both synthetics, a deluxe bullwhip from Steve Koliski and one of his snake whips that travels with me in my car and on dog walks. I'm currently saving up and hoping to add one of his Apex whips to my collection soon. Honorable mention goes to Joe Strain, only because I passed that whip on to Latigo y Daga founder Tom Meadows. The last time I handled that whip, I couldn't believe how nicely it had broken in. I don't think he's giving it back ;-)

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